We are pleased to intriduce the most stunning Sapphires mounted on the best quality Sterling Silver. Sapphire Al2O3; Aluminum Oxide.

Sapphires are the second hardest mineral  that is formed by a volcanice process deep in the earth's core with added pressure and high temperatures, the liquid magma cools and crystalises over a period of millions of years. The colours are injested metal elements of titanium or iron that are aparent during the crystalising process cause the blue colouration and this is known as a "ligand-field" effect.

Sterling Silver Sapphire SapphiresEight Sapphires mounted on 925 Sterling Silver, Rodium Plated ring in a regal leaf design.

Sterling Silver Sapphire Sapphires Sixteen Sapphires make up this pair of Sterling Silver Ear-Rings to match the ring above.

Sterling Silver Sapphire SapphiresThree leaf shaped Sapphires with a fourth at the stem, mounted on Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Sapphire SapphireFour Sapphires shaped into a flower, set on Sterling Silver with a Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Sterling Silver Sapphire SapphiresFour Sapphires to match the flower pendant, set in Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated.