Andrew Waite (M.S.E.T., Q.T.L.S., N.P.Q.I.C.L., P.G.C.E.)  

A jewellery presentation at your members group can be arranged for a minimum of 20 and up to 250 members.

As a qualified Teacher (Degree in Education) working with adults and children in the Early Years (Masters Degree in Education Centre Leadership); I have many years experience of creating an exciting experience for an audience of any age range.

The talks I give are about the properties and history of gemstones and are a fun relaxing way to share time with your group.



Our name "Festoon UK" is derived from the Italian word "Festone"
meaning a festal ornament, such as a hanging garland. In the image of casting a
wide net, we intend to Festoon an educational reach to as many children and adults as
possible, increasing participation and significantly improving their functional
skills appreciation. Where educational talks are presented, we will festoon knowledge in a
friendly, sharing manner, leaving the audience wanting to hear more.

Talks are delivered at a charge of just £60 plus travel expenses, with no pressure to purchase however a large selection of jewellery is available for anyone who may like to purchase at the end of the presentation.

Each talk (3 different sessions available) lasts around forty five minutes to one hour and include a short video clip, demonstrations and a thorough explanation.

session 1 "Introduction to Gemstones"

In this first session, we have fun with diamond testing and ring sizing as well as looking at fact and folk law of several gemstone properties including their formation. I have a variety of visual, audio and practical activities during the sessions.

What was best about the speaker sessions?

* "How Amber is formed & jewellery hallmarking (overview)."

Bedmond Women's Institute

* "Ring testing... We enjoyed the talk, thank you."

Harpenden Village Women's Institute

* "Andrew's knowledge of the subject"

Sawbridgeworth Women's Institute

* "Excellent session, audience participation excellent. Definitely will confirm (another) date later in the year"

Ickleford Women's Institute


session 2 talk on "Hallmarking - Silver, Gold & Platinum".

This further session, if you wish to book later, looks at:

* History of hallmarking

* Consumer Protection

* "Assay" and what that means

* How to test Silver & Gold

* Bonded Gold

* Jewellery sales at the end of the talk

session 3 talk on "History & Jewels".

This further session, if you wish to book after session 2, looks at:

* History of gems

* Significant pieces & influences

* Jewellery gifts & meanings

* Associations of particular gemstones i.e. birth, love & death

The presentation gives an explanation and demonstration of these amazing gemstones in the comfort of your own group. Gather a group of your members and encourage them to place orders and 10% donation will be sent to your registered charity as a donation.

Book your talk now by calling: 01923 231660