Welcome to Festoon UK


Welcome to Festoon UK from Andrew Waite – Director. My business has been providing professional educational talks, invited speeches and lectures to membership groups since 2012 to over 120 groups (see recommendations below). I am a fully and professionally qualified lecturer (QTLS) and also a qualified teacher (PGCE).

I give fun and interactive talks on Gemstones (session 1) and Hallmarking (session 2) Gold & Silver Jewellery as well as offer top quality jewellery to purchase at the end of the talks for your group events 

What was best about the session?

• How Amber is formed & jewellery hallmarking (overview).”

Bedmond Women’s Institute

• “Ring testing… We enjoyed the talk, thank you.”

Harpenden Village Women’s Institute

• “Excellent session, audience participation excellent. Definitely will confirm (another) date later in the year” Ickleford Women’s Institute

• “All of the members… wanted Mr Waite to come again… Please come back” (another session booked). Cedars Retirement Village

• “The talk was fascinating; to hear about the Amber stone and how it was made” Ashley Green Women’s Institute

• “Most speakers don’t have the technology to do this” Sarratt W.I.

• “We had a committee meeting yesterday. Everybody gave positive feedback, I will contact you re booking a date for a return visit”

Northill & Ickwell Women’s Institute

• “A fascinating and well rehearsed talk. You have brightened up a dull day” Palmers Green & Southgate U3A

• “A very well planned evening, enjoyed by all the ladies, thank you!” Bedford W.I.

Best Interactive Presentations 2019


Excellence in Interactive Talks 2018


Best Jewellery Education Provider 2018


Meet the Presenter

Andrew head and shoulders
Andrew Waite

As a qualified Teacher (Degree in Education) working with adults and children in the Early Years (Masters Degree in Education Centre Leadership); I have many years experience of creating an exciting experience for an audience of any age range.


2018 – present Association of Chairs (AoC)

2014-present. Society for Education and Training (SET )

NPQICL Masters Degree in Integrated Centre Leadership L7

QTLS Qualified Teacher Status

PGCE Professional Graduate Certificate in Education L6

DTLLS Diploma in the Lifelong Learning Sector L5

BTEC Higher Computer Studies


Assisted Professional Trade Associations in developing training programmes.

Presentation talks delivered in partnership with Impactful Governance – C.I.C.



2019 Global Wedding Awards – Lux Life

Best online Gemstone Jewellery Dealer.

2018 Award for Excellence in Interactive talks – SME News


Festoon UK is the Jewellery business in precious gemstone jewellery, delivered to membership organisations. Importing through “Economic Operator Registration and Identification” EORI license. I source gems from around the world through personal visits and establishing suppliers.


How We Can Help…

Precious gemstones available to purchase.


If you are a membership organisation that is also a registered charity, we will donate 10% from any sales made at the ed of a booked presentation, to your registered charity group.

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Topaz
  • Zirconia/Moissanite
  • Quartz
  • Peridot

  • Garnet Amethyst Topaz Citrine Ring Q
  • LogoColorTextBelow
  • Amethyst 2 Gem Octagon Ring
  • Amethyst 3 Gem 8mm and 6x4 x2 Ring S
  • Amethyst 3 Gem and 8 White Topaz
  • Amethyst 3 Gem and 10 White Topaz Ring S
  • Amethyst 3 Gem and 12 White Topaz Ring
  • Amethyst 3 Gem Ring S
  • Amethyst 3 Gems and Topaz Ring P
  • Amethyst 3 Heart plus 26 CZ Ring P
  • Amethyst 5 Gem Ring S
  • bdr
  • Amethyst 6 gem 6x4 Ring
  • Amethyst 9 Gem Ring Q
  • Amethyst Baguette 21 Gem Ring S
  • bty
  • Amethyst Green 14x12 Gem Ring S
  • Amethyst Green Heart Ring P
  • Amethyst Green Marquise Ring
  • Amethyst Green Pear Ring Q
  • Amethyst Green Ring
  • Amethyst Green Topaz Garnet Amethyst Green Ring N
  • Amethyst Green with 21 White Topaz Ring R
  • bdr
  • bty
  • Amethyst Octagon and Trillion Ring
  • Amethyst Oval and 6 round Ring S
  • bdr
  • Amethyst Pear 16mm Ring
  • Amethyst Peridot Ring Q
  • Amethyst Pink Ring
  • Amethyst Sq 8mm Ring S
  • Amethyst Tanzanite Ring
  • Amethyst Tanzanite
  • bty
  • Aquamarine Ring Q
  • Citrine 3 Gem with 12 White Topaz Ring
  • Citrine 7mm and White Topaz 12 Ring S
  • Citrine 7mm and White Topaz 24 Ring
  • Citrine 9mm Checker Board Gem Ring S
  • Citrine 10mm and 24 wh Topaz Ring
  • Citrine 11 Gem Ring S
  • Citrine with 2 Trillion Gems Ring
  • CZ 8mm ring
  • CZ 15 gem ring O
  • CZ 30 gem ring Q
  • Emerald 7 Gem Necklace
  • Emerald 7 gem Ring S
  • Emerald 16 gem
  • Emerald 23 gem ring
  • Emerald and Topaz Ring
  • Emerald Oval plus 18 Emerald Ring P
  • Garnet 3 Gems with 8 White Topaz Ring S
  • Garnet 3 Gems with 12 White Topaz Ring
  • Garnet 5 Gem Oval Ring S
  • Garnet 5 Gem Ring S
  • Garnet 11 Gem Ring S
  • Garnet 28 Necklace
  • Garnet Amethyst Topaz Citrine Ring Q
  • Garnet Oval Ring 8mm and white Topaz 1.1mm Ring
  • Garnet Trio Ring S
  • Garnet with 2 Trillion Gems Ring
  • Garnet with 12 White Topaz Ring S
  • bty
  • bdr
  • bdr
  • GarnetOval3
  • GarnetWhiteTopaz3
  • IMG_4433
  • IMG_4434
  • IMG_4435
  • IMG_4436
  • IMG_4437
  • IMG_4439
  • IMG_4441
  • IMG_4442
  • IMG_4444
  • IMG_4446
  • IMG_4447
  • Moonstone Peach and Tanzanite Ring Q
  • Opal 3 plated gold ring
  • Opal Emerald Ruby Ring O
  • bty
  • Pearl with 2 Amethyst Gem Ring S
  • Pearl with 2 Topaz Blue Gem Ring S
  • Peridot Baguette Ring N
  • Peridot Square Ring O
  • Quartz Champagne Ring O
  • Quartz Lemon and Wh Topaz Ring
  • Ruby 8 Gem Ring Q
  • Ruby 15 gem ring Q
  • Ruby 19 necklace
  • Ruby Heart
  • Ruby Twist
  • bdr
  • Sapphire blue ring Q
  • Sapphire colours
  • Sapphire Green Ring Q
  • Sapphire Heart colours
  • Sapphire Owl
  • bty
  • bty
  • bdr
  • Tanzanite 5 gem round 3mm Ring S
  • Tanzanite 6mmOval and 4mm round Ring R
  • Tanzanite 7 Gem Ring Q
  • Tanzanite 19
  • Topaz Blue 3 gem with 8 White Topaz
  • Topaz Blue 3 gem with 12 White Topaz
  • Topaz Blue 3mm gems x 21 Ring
  • Topaz Blue 4.38ct with Wh Topaz Ring
  • Topaz Blue 5 Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue 5 Gems with 8 white Topaz S
  • Topaz Blue 6 Gem Heart Ring
  • Topaz Blue 9 gem Ring Q
  • Topaz Blue 9 Gem Ring S Round
  • Topaz Blue 9 Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue 10 and Whi 15 Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue 10x7 Gem with 23 Wh Topaz Ring S
  • Topaz Blue 11 Sq Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue 15 Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue Checker Board Gem with White Topaz Ring S
  • Topaz Blue Octagon 3 Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue Octagon 4 Gem Ring S
  • Topaz Blue Pear Ring S
  • Topaz Blue Ring Q
  • Topaz Blue Swiss Heart with White Topaz Ring
  • bty
  • TopazMarquise 4
  • TopazSkyBlue
Garnet Amethyst Topaz Citrine Ring Q

Our Latest News

Andrew was shortlisted to the last 5 in the National Governance Awards 2019

Our partner – Impactful Governance

Andrew was nominated and then shortlisted to the final 5 candidates for this National Award as “Professional of the Year” through the Institute of Governance


Although not the winner, it was an honour to be recognised at the prestigious event at Hilton, Hyde Park, London in November 2019